We are committed to ensuring that the transition from The Family School to a child’s elementary school goes smoothly for both children and parents.

The Director and teachers discuss school choices with parents, taking into account each child’s strengths, challenges and interests.

During the kindergarten year, children’s skills are assessed on an ongoing basis.  In January, those who might need extra support in their next school are evaluated for eligibility for such programs.  Our staff helps all students and families prepare for the transition to elementary school. There are discussions about what will be the same and what will be different as well as about problem solving strategies that can be used in a bigger school.  In some instances, staff visit prospective schools with students or parents.

During the first year after Family School, children may continue to receive special assistance at Family School at no charge.  After the first year, there is a sliding fee scale for services provided.  

Alumni Programs

The children who graduated from TFS the previous spring return to reconnect with staff and friends. They enjoy some outside time, a craft, a snack, free play with friends and a circle time when they talk about what they’ve figured out at their new schools and what they are still working on.  Their parents often use this time to reconnect and have similar discussions.

Every fall, we host an alumni barbecue for parents and students.

Every year in May there is an alumni overnight at a ranch near Wickenburg.  The overnight now includes young adults who were among the first Family School graduates on through our newest graduates.  We camp near a creek, take a long hike and enjoy a campfire and sing along under the stars. 

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