Prevention and Intervention Programs and Services

We know from research and from long experience that many future problems can be avoided with appropriate prevention and intervention at an early age.  Our programs include individual behavior plans, individualized structured play, play therapy, the Second Step violence prevention program, and parent consultation.

All children are screened for vision and hearing. We utilize both the ASQ and DIAL 4 for developmental screening.  This screening helps to identify potential challenges to future success and includes screening of speech and language skills, gross and fine motor skills,  self-help skills, academic readiness skills and social-emotional development.  When needed, The Family School provides individualized intervention. If we are unable to provide service on-site, we help families pursue needed services.

We collaborate with Excel Care Therapy to provide speech screening, evaluations and therapy.

All staff are certified yearly in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).

Susan Cedar Fund

In honor of co-founder Susan Cedar, we have established the Susan Cedar Prevention and Intervention Fund.  This fund helps ensure that The Family School can continue to provide these extra programs at no cost to current children and families. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click here.

About the Fund

The Susan Cedar Prevention and Intervention Fund is meant to preserve the initial vision of The Family School, where each child gets exactly what they need for success in school at the earliest possible time. The idea of The Family School was to have all kinds of children learning together with each one getting the depth of service they need. For some children, the curriculum, the attention to teaching early social skills, and helping them manage strong feelings is all they need. For others, special interventions based on careful observations are added to the classroom experience. Some children have had traumatic experiences, or life at home is in crisis. These children need play therapy, and their parents need help with parenting and managing their lives. Some children have undiagnosed special needs. These children need figuring out. This fund pays for the extra observing, testing, and mental health services that enable the school to figure out what they need and to work with the children on site, in their classrooms, and with their families. This money goes a long way, as the children can be served throughout the day, and all the teachers and therapists providing the intervention are connected and in communication.


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