There is a reason we call ourselves The Family School — because we “enroll families.”  From long experience and consistent research results, we know that children thrive and learn best when they experience stable, secure surroundings both at school and at home. We work with parents and families to achieve the stability, consistency and supportive environment children need to be ready for school and ready for life.  Our Family Strengthening Programs include:

Parent Participation

Parents of children in all classes are expected to volunteer 24 hours over the course of the school year.

Family Events

Each year, our students and families gather for several special events.  These events are great opportunities to get to know other families, to talk informally with teachers and staff, to share a meal and sing some favorite songs.  Events include a fall pumpkin carving festival, a stone soup luncheon around Thanksgiving, a festival of affection in February, the parent organized silent auction in the Spring and farewell fiesta each May.

Parent and Family Support

We help to identify parent and family goals and to develop the knowledge and skills to achieve those goals. Teachers and the director maintain close communication with families about the school experiences their children are having.  Parents are part of any individualized program designed for a student’s particular challenges.  A variety of parenting classes are offered.  The whole Family School community is a supportive environment for parents and families.  The Parenting Resources page of this site offers recommendations for websites, books and other community resources for families.

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