Improve their future without spending a dime!

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Program, donors to The Family School can claim a personal tax credit for the total amount of the contribution (up to $400 for an individual, $800 for a couple filing jointly). This is not just another tax deduction; it is a dollar for dollar tax credit.

You can still give to this program AND a private or public school Tax Credit Organization!

1. Make your gift to The Family School

  • Give up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple filing jointly.

  • Do this by April 15th.

  • Give safely and securely online at

2. We will send you a receipt and a simple form to file with your state return (Form 321 Credit for Contributions to Qualified Organizations).

3. Your donation may also be claimed as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return. Please consult your tax advisor.

Getting a refund?
It will be increased by the amount of your donation.

Owe the state?
The amount you owe will be reduced dollar for dollar.

For more information about the charitable tax credit, we suggest you click here to see the Arizona Department of Revenue’s official guidance.  For specific advice, we ask that you turn to your own tax advisor. To take advantage of the charitable tax credit for a given tax year, you must mail a check directly to and payable to The Family School by December 31 of that tax year.

The children and families, the teachers and the board thank you for your help. 

This is separate from - and in addition to - the tax credit for donations to private tuition organizations such as Schools with Heart Foundation, and also separate from tax credit donations you may make to public schools.  You may participate in all three of these tax credits in the same tax year.  

We invite you to consider making your private school tax credit to benefit The Family School through Schools with Heart, our designated State Tax Organization. We would be happy to give you additional information at 602-252-5866.

Thank you!