We attend to the needs of the whole child, addressing academic, behavioral and social-emotional strengths and challenges for each child. If needed, children and families will find on-site, comprehensive special education, play therapy and individualized programs. At The Family School all children benefit from seeing how adults help each individual student, and all students help and learn from each other.

Because we know that early childhood is a time to strengthen entire families, we say that we enroll not just children, but whole families. Family strengthening programs and family events are part of enrollment at The Family School. For those who wish it, individual meetings or consultations about parenting issues are also included.

Our Philosophy

It is our purpose to provide each child and parent with a positive first experience with education outside the home. For the child, we assume this is a first experience with separation, other children, and the world of school. For the parents, we assume this is a first experience with family education and support outside their own family. In child and parent classrooms we provide a warm and flexible environment in which each person is considered unique and worthwhile. It is the teacher‘s job to identify and build on strengths and facilitate learning. Children are offered the opportunity and the right to grow at their own pace and to experience a variety of situations with various materials. Parents are offered guidance in parenting classes and through individual consultation to identify their priorities and find ways that are comfortable for them to achieve their parenting goals.

It is our purpose to support functional family systems and teach people how to maintain them through children’s developmental changes and the pressures of the modern world.

It is our practice to base our teaching and parenting methods on current research about child and parent development. We are also committed to a hands-on learning approach for children and a concrete, discussion based curriculum for adults.

We are committed to an individualized and therapeutic approach to working with children.

We believe we are better parents as a result of spending six years around people who are kind, patient, and always looking for moments to celebrate our children’s strengths.
— Alumni parent

Our Vision

(what we hope will change the world)

  1. A diverse group of families and children whose lives are transformed in ways that prevent future school and family problems; and
  2. Staff trained in, and modeling for others, an approach to early childhood education that integrates education, prevention, intervention, and follow through with children and families.

Our Mission Statement

The Family School's mission is to prepare a diverse population of young children and their families for success in school and the community by providing the highest quality preschool and kindergarten education and integrated early intervention services.